zoe kratzmann x the forgotten women

we're proud to be a formal partner for The Forgotten Women: a not-for-profit housing initiative to help homeless women over the age of 55 gain access to safe, fit-for-purpose and long-term housing.

the forgotten women

the hidden homeless

vulnerable older women are more likely to be staying with friends, living in a car or physically ‘hiding’. these women are our grandmothers, sisters, mothers and friends.

our contribution

The Forgotten Women works at our doorstep in Brisbane, and our commitments include:

  • $1 from every online order contributing to providing stable housing for mature women 
  • Regular donations of clothing and footwear 
  • Monthly minimums on the time we donate in the form of in-person help from our team to lending our expertise to propel this organisation further
  • Contribution to key events and attendance of fundraising initiatives 

close to the heart

Zoe has long been an advocate for housing and homelessness both in her professional life and personal life. 

Over the years, her work in the community has included everything from sleeping rough as part of the ceo sleep-out to building homes in asia. she is deeply affected by what she sees at home and across the world. 

We are completely driven by helping women feel their best, and this partnership just makes sense. Women over 55 are the fastest growing group being pushed into homelessness in australia.

The financial donations we make from every online order will help provide housing for at least 15 women in Brisbane per year. This housing is stable, long-term and via the private rental market which means they are in the community they feel best. our customers are helping women at our doorstep avoid homelessness. Better yet: these women are in safe homes for the long-term with a support network.