sustainability update: april 2024

sustainability update: april 2024

At Zoe Kratzmann, we are committed to making a positive impact on the world. Our journey towards sustainability, charitable involvement, and responsible business practices is an ongoing mission that shapes our identity. We are excited to share some of the significant strides we have made in these areas.

Charity: Empowering The Forgotten Women

In a heartfelt effort to make a difference in our community, we have launched a partnership with the Brisbane-based charity, The Forgotten Women. This organisation is dedicated to supporting women over 55 who are facing homelessness, a group often overlooked in public discourse. Our collaboration includes:

Funding Initiatives: We have begun actively funding several homelessness initiatives to support these women, providing them with the resources they need to improve their situations.

Expertise Donation: Recognising the power of a strong online presence, we are donating our time and expertise to enhance The Forgotten Women's communications strategies.

Direct Contributions: For every Zoe Kratzmann order placed, $1 is donated to support the charity's crucial work.

Team Involvement: Our team engages in activities that bolster the efforts of The Forgotten Women, deepening our impact and connection to the cause.

    Supply Chain Transparency

    Our commitment to transparency is fundamental to our operations. We have established a rigorous process to evaluate our international manufacturing partners with whom we have built relationships over the past decade. Highlights of our transparency efforts include:

    Regular Audits: We've completed two rounds of comprehensive assessments to ensure that our operations align with the highest standards of ethical practice.

    Long-term Relationships: Our decade-long partnerships with factories are based on mutual respect and firsthand observations of their practices.

    Code of Conduct: We have mapped out and begun implementing our supplier Code of Conduct, allowing us to share some of the positive outcomes we've achieved so far.

      Current Commitments

      Our sustainable practices are designed to ensure that our fashion leaves a positive legacy:

      Circular Fashion: Through our partnership with Airobe, we aim to extend the lifespan of our garments, promoting circularity in fashion.

      Fair Wages and Development: We ensure that all employees at our manufacturing sites are paid above the living wage and have opportunities for professional development and training.

      Professional Benefits: All international employees have access to wellbeing benefits including maternity leave. 

      Eliminating single-use fashion: core to our operations has always been a dedication to limited production runs. We create only what we need and those garments are wearable for years to come. 

      Renewable energy: 50% of all international manufacturing is fuelled by renewable energy sources.

      Recycling: all local and international operations recycle unused electronics and engage with reputable programs.

        Future Goals

        Looking forward, we are setting ambitious targets to further our commitment to sustainability:

        Carbon Neutrality: We are in the process of measuring our carbon emissions, with the goal of achieving carbon-neutral operations.

        Zero Textile Waste: We are exploring partnerships with Australian garment recycling providers to prevent textile waste contribution to landfills.

        Fabric Traceability: Our aim is to enhance the traceability of our fabrics and improve reporting on our use of recycled and certified materials.

        Impact Reporting: By 2026, we plan to develop and publish a comprehensive sustainability and impact report, establishing clear KPIs to measure our progress.

          At Zoe Kratzmann, our vision for a sustainable future is intertwined with our fashion philosophy. We believe in not only dressing our customers in high-quality, garments but also in making a lasting, positive impact on the world. Our journey is in its early stages, and we are grateful for the support of our customers and partners who join us in this mission.