behind the scenes: spring summer 2023

behind the scenes: spring summer 2023

As the warm breeze of Spring hints at the sultry promise of Summer, our latest campaign encapsulates the spirit of the seasons. Offering an exclusive behind-the-scenes look, this journey dives deep into the narrative that's uniquely Australian.

Set against the serene coastal backdrop of one of queensland's iconic beaches, the Spring Summer 23 Collection stands as a tribute to the wonders of our coastline. Muted colours, inspired by the vast azure of the ocean and the pristine sands, evoke a sense of refined simplicity. Yet, at the heart of this campaign lies a story of resilience, passion, and a connection with the Earth.

A highlight that has been the talk of this season is the integration of elegant equine creatures in our visuals. Queensland's renowned riding school provided these majestic beings, each with a testament of awards and a lineage tied to health and wellness. Among our models, one shares a personal tale of growing up with horses - raising, riding, and nurturing them. This authentic bond translates effortlessly onto the screen, summoning an allure of romance and retreat.

Our founder and creative director delicately touches upon the art and science behind our designs. The frond print of this collection is emblematic of the 'now'. Its organic shapes are not just a nod to nature but a broader reflection of our evolving, post-COVID mindset, gravitating towards sustainability and an organic way of life.

Our Spring Summer 2023 campaign is not just fashion. It's a story, a feeling, an experience – an authentic blend of the natural and the contemporary, resonating with our Australian roots. Join us in this celebration of fashion, nature, and the undying human spirit.

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