A Sun-Kissed Soirée: 'A Celebration of Summer' in NSW

A Sun-Kissed Soirée: 'A Celebration of Summer' in NSW

Nestled in the picturesque heart of Orange, NSW, a captivating event unfurled, melding the intoxicating allure of summer with the sophisticated notes of Australian fashion. Hosted by our dear friends at The White Place, the intimate lunch gathering dubbed 'A Celebration of Summer', saw enthusiasts, stockists, and customers from far and wide come together in shared admiration for fashion and the spirit of summer.

The highlight of the daytime affair was none other than our founder and creative director, Zoe Kratzmann, gracing the event. Her Q&A session resonated with stories of inspiration, the creative journey, and the essence of our brand, offering attendees a rare glimpse into the mind behind the designs they so love. Each word echoed the passion, dedication, and drive that has brought our brand to the zenith of Australian fashion.

But the sun wasn't the only thing shining bright that day. The event also marked the grand unveiling of our Resort 2023 collection. Infused with breezy silhouettes, intricate detailing, and the timeless essence of summer, the collection was an ode to women who shine in every season, especially summer. And as the hues of the sun melded with those of our collection, it became more than just a launch; it was a celebration of summer, and most importantly, of women in business.

As day transitioned into evening, the event transformed into a haven for fashion connoisseurs. Guests were treated to a personal shopping experience, curated by the very hands that shaped our brand. The cherry on top was the exclusive opportunity to meet and greet Zoe, allowing for personal connections and shared stories over the love of fashion.

Looking back, 'A Celebration of Summer' wasn't just an event; it was an embodiment of our brand's ethos, our tribute to summer, and our heartfelt thanks to the vibrant community that supports us.