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zk woman: anna tyrell - jack of all things fashion

we caught up with melbourne fashion and style expert Anna Tyrell @gyspysfind. anna describes herself as a 'jack of fashion'. a designer by trade, a specialist in the behind-the-scenes, the up-until-midnight tasks, the chaos and fun that go hand in hand with the rag trade.

wearing: detach top - powder, convoy pants - stone

What are you passionate about?

All the small things. I see the world through an artist’s eye, so I get very passionate about the shade of a gate, or the way the light comes through the windows or the tiniest specks of colour in my children’s eyes.

Happiness for me comes in the shape of velvet cushions, flowers in bloom, hugs from my boys, a good coffee in pottery, big laughs with special people, the way colours compliment each other, getting into nature, making people feel special and proud of themselves. Spreading kindness.

What's the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Oh gosh, I’ve probably received so much advice and now I can’t remember. A book I’ve recently read, ‘Buddhism For Mothers’ - and a line resonated with me so much. “What does this moment require?” -  I have it written on the wall above my sink. Mothering is full of highs, lows, and everything in between and it’s a good one liner to come back to. I find it grounding.

wearing: detach top - powder, convoy pants - stone

If you weren’t fashion consulting and collaborating, what would we find you doing?

I would be full time designing. I miss the all encompassing process of designing clothing, taking it from a concept to finished garment and styling the campaign. My goal is to be back designing once my babies are old enough.

If it wasn’t that, I’d love to live on a farm growing proteas and do a little barn style cafe for mums & bubs with farm animals to pat. That’s the romantic in me. My youngest is four months old, so I’m still just taking things slow, juggling working from home with mumming.

What is your most treasured piece in your wardrobe?

So I have a ‘sample wardrobe’ from back in my days of having a label, and in that is an original 1920’s silk nightgown, it is so delicate. For my birthday last year, I purchased myself a gorgeous dress by Norweigan brand ByTimo, all ruffles and tiers and florals.

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zk woman: anna tyrell -  jack of all things fashion