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zk woman: giselle peters photographer - driven by excellence


introducing giselle peters. giselle went from international model, to mum of 3, to renowned photographer. her journey was one of self-discovery, continuous learning and evolving.


tell us about your journey?

the biggest hurdle in life is giving yourself permission to back yourself.  i modelled all around the world into my mid twenties - lived in paris, london, tokyo. had my three daughters young. and lost myself.

i studied fine art photography in 1999 but went into other work because i wasn’t confident i deserved photography. finally in 2013 i realised life is too short. i somehow got the courage to cold call a renowned professional photographer on the coast. i am grateful to this day, every day, that i had training, criticism and guidance from him and we continue to collaborate together. the baby steps along the way were all part of the learning and all leading to the same place :)

i would say i am driven by excellence in anything i do so i am continually reaching for better….better results, better technique, better in things many wouldn’t even notice -  the learning continues.


giselle wears the chorus dress


if you werent doing photography, what would we find you doing?

i’d be a full time university student or lecturer in philosophy or anthropology. i just love learning new stuff. plus, i’d be an interior designer -  retro interiors, influences and architecture. or i’d be a fashion designer!! let’s bring back the 80’s organza and shimmery swimsuits haha …..


what's your personal style?

as i’m always shooting i’m always shock proofing my wardrobe for location practicality so my style is a bit quirky!! always shorts under dresses. i love jumpsuits, maxi dresses, casual elegance. i love the way zoe’s label fuses those elements, easy to wear but still chic.



who is your style icon?

my favourite style icon is my mum and my grandmother. i was vintage shopping with my mum in the 70’s -  the op shops were full of discarded grand 50’s ball gowns and 60’s glamour. i still have suitcases full of my grandmothers polyester maxi dresses, mohair pea coats from the 50’s, glitter threaded skivvies, patterns, home made numbers off the singer…..


work with giselle

zk woman: giselle peters photographer - driven by excellence