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zk woman: cladia bottiglieri - a fashion sales powerhouse

meet claudia. with over 15 years experience in fashion and lifestyle sales, claudia bottiglieri has developed a strong reputation in the market that led organically to the launch of her business Breed Fashion Lab in 2008. claudia represents zoe kratzmann in victoria and south australia, and she's one powerhouse human who we love working with. we caught up with claudia as part of our zk women project:

claudia wears the urbane blazer in copper


where are you from?

i'm from melbourne, australia


tell us a bit about yourself

i began my career as an art and design secondary school teacher. while studying at university, i worked part-time in a women’s designer boutique, which i eventually managed. i then moved onto managing designer menswear stores which organically lead into working at a wholesale fashion agency, representing some of australia’s top fashion brands across all states. from there, i decided to start my own fashion agency which i have been running for over ten years.

 claudia wears the urbane blazer in copper, and the dwell pants in copper


how has your world changed in the last month?

generally, life as a fashion agent can be demanding and extremely busy; travelling between states, working within time-frames and meeting deadlines. the recent covid-19 lockdown has shifted my business to using more digital platforms. we have had to arrange virtual appointments and use imagery more than ever. however, i do miss seeing my clients and working with them face to face.


how have you stayed motivated?

it’s through the passion that i have always had, which involves my relationships with others,  my determination to deliver results and find positive outcomes. i love my job.


best advice ever received?

i have two…

’keep your overheads low’ - don’t overextend yourself. spend what you can afford to maintain and grow your business.

‘never burn a bridge’ - good relationships are the most important tool for business growth.



favourite piece in your wardrobe?

sneakers – i wear them everyday. i own about seven different pairs but i wear the same pair every day! lol. sneakers are the ultimate shoe that can be worn back with anything. they’re comfortable, easy to work in and trans-seasonal.


zk woman: cladia bottiglieri - a fashion sales powerhouse