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zk woman: alison covington - making a difference to people and planet

alison convington, nsw business woman of the year, is an innovator, social entrepreneur, founder and MD of Good360 Australia. Good360 is a matchmaker, helping re-purpose items of value by directing them to Australians most in need.

we wanted to learn more about this incredible woman. here's the interview...


alison wears the tonic top in carob


what are you passionate about?

i am passionate about equality and reducing waste. in a country like australia we all should have access to basic needs i cannot understand why poverty exists. if we have so much spare and surplus goods, why can’t we share? i am driven by the need to create a friction-less system to match goods and ensure access to these goods, it seems simple, but it wasn’t happening, we are now educating people that it can happen. already we have matched 10.5million items from businesses like big w, woolworths, lego & l’oréal to over 1,600 not for profits and schools to help australians who need them most.



what drives your work?

solving problems that can make real difference to people and planet, that will change lives. just because it hasn’t been done doesn’t mean it can’t be done. that is why i created good360 australia, a matchmaker helping repurpose items of value to people who need them most. we bring together the people working together to lift up australian communities, and the spare new goods of businesses, we connect surplus with need. our goals is to gift $1billion of brand new goods to australians most in need.



describe your personal style?

natural fabrics and to be comfortable. i won’t sacrifice comfort for style and manage to walk the line between those things, particularly when it comes to shoes. recently i have begun to wear lighter colours for the first time as it was pointed out how much they suit me but it’s hard to go past black it really is my comfort zone.



what kind of women you look up to?

women who are comfortable in their own skin, who back themselves, are kind and value family and friends more than money and material items.


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zk woman: alison covington - making a difference to people and planet